Speaking of talking dolls, here’s a futuristic one from the 80’s. Julie was created by the same people who made Teddy Ruxpin. Instead of telling stories, she’s a doll that’s meant to have conversations with you.

But that’s not all. Not only does she have voice recognition (supposedly you can get her to recognize up to two voices), and a slot for a cartridge that expands her vocabulary, she also can “read”, can tell if it’s light or dark, and she can feel temperature. (I’ve rarely gotten her to feel temperature because it’s so moderate around here. Once or twice when I was little, I took her outside and I remember her saying something like, “Brr! It’s cold,” which is absolutely magical to a child.)

Also, she recognizes when she’s picked up, and will ask if you’re going somewhere. If you say no, she responds, “I like being held.” If you say yes, she’ll say, “Where are we going?”

Most awesome doll I’ve ever had. It’s unfortunate that she isn’t fully working. I think we bought her on sale years after she’d been out, and so I doubt she ever fully worked. Her eyes have always only been half open, but now they’re even more fully shut.

Still on the Chatty Cathy thing here. It reminded me of this doll I used to have with mini records that were plastic and somewhat see through. (They may have even been two sided records.) It belonged to my sisters, but I inherited it when my dad managed to fix it in the 80’s.

This doll is as close as I can come to the one I had. You see the disc at the beginning. (They were very pretty.) I love the accent this one has! Mine actually spoke only German. The one disc I could understand was the white one that made her cry.

A friend of mine mentioned getting a Chatty Cathy for her mom recently, and that made me curious about the talking doll. In my research, I ran across this commercial which is as creepy as the lurching kids in the Swing Wing commercial. The doll’s laugh sounds hysterical (in a “I’m psychotic” kind of way), and her face reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s version of the joker. Clearly, something horrendous happened to make her face stick like that. The strange flashes of girls turning at the sound and the announcer’s fake laughing only adds to the menacing atmosphere.